WNDERfull is a personal collection of adventures and original works aimed to inspire wonder of your own, with the hopes to get wandering. Some posts are about travels that are further flung than others- as nothing inspires me more than heading out the door with my passport, camera, and trusty notebook. But you don’t always need a passport or a travel itinerary to have an adventure. Where ever you may go; wonder and wander,  with a full heart and I’ll bet your belly will find a way to be full too.  I also find joy in getting a bit weird ( weird is always a good word with me ) and so things like meditation, magic, and the moon might well play a role in the adventures and inspiration I share.
Ask questions. Introduce yourself to people, smile, and laugh. There are adventures to be had everywhere, even in your own backyard. WNDERfull is the personal project of Aurorah, an Atlanta based artist who specializes in motion design, animation, photography, and graphic design. To see her portfolio of commercial works, check out the portfolio site at www.aurorah.net