I’ve been a busy little travel bee lately.  This year I’ve been to Nicaragua, West Virginia,  Tennesee 4 different times, New York twice, and LA.  There is little more I love in life than traveling, and that list isn’t to brag- but all that travel does wear you out if you don’t take time for yourself to reconnect, relax, and revive yourself after a jammed packed trip. Bear in mind that this is on top of a full-time job, healthy if not bursting roster of freelance work ranging from identity and branding work to designing entire restaurants, and oh yeah, having a social life, seeing family and of course making sure the all-important Pickle gets plenty of love and puppy snuggles.

I need downtime, not only to detox from all the travel party drinks- but also to sort through all the things that inspired me, all the little notes I’ve written myself, and of course the thousands of photos I take on every trip. I was wandering around Brooklyn last weekend with a vicious hangover and found myself popping into every shop that looked like it sold juice. I had a few different drinks that inspired this recipe- which until I can come up with a more clever name I call the Detox Juice. This recipe was inspired by Grass Roots Juicery and The End Brooklyn,  however, the recipe is all my own. Thanks for the inspiration and the hangover banishing juices.  This guy helps me to chill, and reconnect with myself after a hectic non stop kind existence.

Detox Drink

Approx 400 ML of Filtered Spring Water
Juice of 1 whole Organic Lemon
3 Slices of Organic Cucumber
He Shou Wu

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