This weekend I’m lucky enough to spend a quiet couple of days relaxing with my family at the farm. I’m convinced this place is magical. If I didn’t know better I could completely believe that this place is actually the center of the universe. For me, it’s a time machine, a perfectly preserved time capsule that somehow seems independent of the rest of the world. I know the curves in the old gravel road like the back of my hand. I always smile and get excited as I turn into the driveway. What adventures await me this time?

One of my on going projects is to take pictures of the farm every time I visit, so at the end of the year, I can put a book together for my grandmother. She doesn’t get out and walk the fields anymore so I like to share what I’ve seen.  In a way that project inspired this one, so it seems only natural to share some of the magic from the travels there too.

I like to go out walking in the evenings since that’s when the deer are most likely to be seen. Getting a great group shot of a herd of deer is a perennial dream of mine. This time I set out to a field where I’ve seen deer grazing before. It isn’t long before I spot a doe in the distance. I try to get closer without spooking her when I see another doe about 250 meters away in the other direction. I can’t get them both in the same shot so I try to get the best shots I can of north of them. I decide to focus on the one on the hill since the lighting is better, the only problem is there’s a fence. Unfortunately by the time I find a way through the fence my doe is long gone.  That doesn’t stop me from climbing through the fence to walk along the deer paths on the hill in the fading light. Just as I’m kicking myself for being so slow at the fence and remencining about a time when I just happened upon a herd of 14. I’m grateful for my earlier sighting but I’m really lusting


Just as I’m wishing for something remarkable to take pictures of a balloon comes floating down from the sky.  This pure white balloon seems to be the universe saying, ” here you go, play with this” there was something inspiring, and almost reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth’s painting Christina’s World about the setting and the line of action in the balloon’s position.  I spent some time photographing this ethereal body had landed right in front of me. I decided to pick it up and take it home, so I walked a ways with this little balloon bobbing behind me in the field. There are few times in life when I wish someone was there to take my picture, but this was one of them. Then the balloon popped on some briars so I stuffed it in my pocket so a cow wouldn’t eat it.  Appreciative of my time with the balloon I started to make my way home, down the old gravel road when right in front of me I saw it. Another doe.  Then to my right four more, and one a young buck with velvet antlers. The picture below makes me want to paint.


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