So far on this blog I’ve been chronicling a trip to Nicaragua, that trip happened back in February and so I’ve had time to mull it over, and play with how I want this blog to work. So I’m posting more polished work about trips that have happened in this past, and I’ll continue to do that. But I’d like to also let this be a living blog- because I’m going on new adventures all the time. As I write this I’m cruising at 3400 feet headed west towards Los Angeles via San Francisco. It wasn’t my intention to necessarily write about this trip while it’s in progress because I won’t have time to curate my photos, or write a recipe because all that stuff takes time- and I love going through those details with a fine tooth comb and making something entirely new. But I also love being in the moment. Spending all my time staring at a keyboard while I’m supposed to be on vacation or relaxing seems counter intuitive. So… I wasn’t sure how to approach covering this trip.  But as I sat here, listening to some music looking out the window witnessing a spectacular natural performance as the light of the setting sun plays across the white puffy peaks of clouds that seem more akin to bleached coral than they do rain I was inspired to write. I’m sure a recipe and more beautiful images will come as a result and more adventures in Nicaragua will be published next week ( day 4 and all about partying in Granada post at the same time next Thursday ) so if Nica is what you came for not to worry.  More Nica next week! WNDERfull is so much more than one country or one trip or one style of art to me.  Join me on my current adventure- and any suggestions while I’m in LA are always appreciated! Leave comments or get in touch to help me wander, full 🙂

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